Example 10 day itinerary from Naples to Porto Cervo

Day 1

The vessel will be docked in Naples awaiting your arrival.

After the Captain and his crew’s welcome and a tour of the boat, we will cruise to the South of Capri (for 1½ hrs at 18 NM) where you will be able to enjoy your first lunch onboard.

After delighting yourself with our chef’s exquisite cuisine, you can enjoy some water sports and activities to work off your lunch.

You will be able to explore the coastline of Capri (including the Blue Grotto) and take in the beautiful landscape.

In the early evening we will depart for anchorage in Capri, where guests may explore the town, shops, and natural charm of the city.

Dinner reservations have been made for 8:30 at Da Paolino – Lemon Trees restaurant, famous for its excellent food and wine, served beneath Capri’s fragrant lemon trees.

Many stars of the silver screen have sat beneath Paolino’s lemon trees; it is definitely the place to be in Capri, the perfect choice for lovers of traditional island cooking.

We will dock overnight in Capri.

Day 2

In the morning, we will depart for Positano (1hr at 12NM), where you will be able to enjoy your morning ashore and have fun with water activities.

The town of Amalfi is a short ride in our tender and transportation to nearby Ravello can also be arranged.

For the rest of the day, you can take a stroll around the village or choose to come back onboard and spend your time relaxing and enjoying water sports.

A tender ride to the San Pietro Hotel Terrace with its spectacular views of the Amalfi Coast is a great way to end the afternoon.

Day 3

In the mid-morning we will cruise for 1¾ hrs along the Amalfi Coast to reach Marina di Stabia.

Opened in 2007, this marina is the largest marina of the Mediterranean. Surrounded by the islands of the Gulf of Naples, this port continues to grow over the years.

With its 900 berths, the setting of the harbour is of incomparable beauty: the Vesuvius towers over the port embracing the Sorrentine Peninsula, with Capri and Ischia on the horizon.

After enjoying lunch on board in this fabulous view, you can take advantage of this ideal destination to visit the famous archeological site of Pompeii. The tour takes approximately 2 to 3 hours.

You can also choose to visit nearby Sorrento with a tender ride, or visit Pompeii.

We will dock overnight at Marina di Stabia.

Day 4

In the morning we will leave and cruise for 2¼ hours for the Island of Ischia. We will anchor in the south of the island in Sant’Angelo.

A fishing village in the past, Sant’Angelo has now become a popular destination among tourists. Considered as the jewel of the Island of Ischia, the village is famous for its beautiful city center, streets and overall charm.

You can enjoy lunch ashore at the restaurant “Il Pescatore”, which offers a very traditional Italian island cuisine and atmosphere.

In the late afternoon we will depart for Lecco Ameno Marina in Ischia. The cruise will last for ¾ hr, during which you can admire the beautiful, picture postcard view.

Dinner reservations have been made at “Il Mosaico” restaurant for 8:30 PM.

Michelin starred, “Il Mosaico” offers unique and refined dishes. They will dazzle your eyes with their shapes and colors and fill your nose with irresistible aromas. Taste takes another turn in this restaurant, enabling its guests to experience brand new flavor sensations and discover the Italian traditional cuisine under a new light.

In the evening, you can enjoy a stroll around the area. We will dock overnight in Ischia.

Day 5

In the morning we cruise for 3½ hours for Ponza.

Ponza is the largest of the four Pontine Islands and well merits a visit.

Though under the jurisdiction of the Lazio Region (Rome), these islands have more of the lively, colorful atmosphere of Naples, to which its inhabitants are closely related. Ponza is a pretty fishing town with good restaurants.

The island is full of surprises: there are spectacular rock formations and many hidden caves which can be entered with a tender or by snorkeling. The scenery is extremely varied.

Ponza was a stopping place for the Phoenicians and also has some Roman remains.

You can spend the day exploring the island and its coastline, while enjoying water activities.

After dinner, we will depart to reach Sardinia after a 12½ hour cruise at 150NM.

Day 6

Once we arrive in Sardinia by mid-morning, we will anchor in Isola Tavolara, where you will be able to enjoy breakfast in an incredible setting.

This small island, located 10 km south of Olbia, looks like a giant Giandujotto (you know, those exquisite long skinny chocolates that look like upside-down boats) ending with an immaculate double-sided strip of powdery white sand, called Spalmatore beach.

Bathing in the perfectly still, looking-glass-transparent waters of Tavolara will be a moment of bliss you’ll never forget.

In the late afternoon, after a day in Paradise, we will depart and cruise for 1½ hours to reach Porto Cervo, where you can enjoy a night of dancing and partying at the famous “Billionaire Club”.

Porto Cervo is the main centre of the Emerald Coast and one of the most prestigious tourist areas of Sardinia. It is a village of multi-colored buildings, recently built in front of the natural port and the surrounding hills.

We will dock overnight in Porto Cervo.

Day 7

Before leaving the marina, you can choose to explore the town of Porto Cervo.

We will then depart for the Island of Santa Maria, (to reach Cala Santa Maria more precisely) a marine reserve area. It is a wonderful place to explore the coastline and swim for the day.

Cala Santa Maria is surely the most beautiful beach of the Santa Maria Island. Known for its white and thin sand and its crystal waters, the beach is reachable by sea.

Another option would be to head directly to Bonifacio where the crew can arrange for a private group tour of this enchanting village.

You can spend the evening enjoying the beautiful setting of Bonifacio, surrounded by astonishing cliffs, and exploring the town.

Experience the island’s cuisine at one of the local restaurants. We recommend the “Le Voilier” and “Domaine de Licetto” both of which are Michelin Star rated. “The Kissing Pigs” restaurant is also quite popular.

We will dock overnight in Bonifacio.

Day 8

In the morning we will leave Bonifacio for Maddalena Island, another marine reserve where you can enjoy water activities.

This archipelago is composed of 7 islands. These islands are what remains of the land that once joined Corsica and Sardinia. This area has since been declared a national park, The “Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago di La Maddalena“ and is well worth a visit!

The crystal clear waters are home to dolphins which you may catch a glimpse of during your trip. The scenery here is spectacular with plenty of hidden coves and stunning bays to discover.

In the afternoon we will head to Porto Rotondo. (Travel time 1¼ hrs / 13NM), where you can enjoy an evening walk in the port area.

Porto Rotondo is a luxury seaside village a few kilometres from Olbia. Known for its glitzy social life, it is frequented by many well known celebrities from the sports, showbiz and fashion world.

The village is surrounded by luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation and faces a beautiful emerald colour sea. Porto Rotondo was developed in the sixties, thanks to the initiative of the Donà delle Rose family.

We will dock overnight in Porto Rotondo.

Day 9

In the morning we will depart from the dock so that you can fully enjoy more water activities.

If you wish to enjoy lunch ashore, the Cala di Volpe Hotel is what we recommend, Sunday being the main day for lunch ashore at the hotel.

With its artistically arranged porticos, juniper floors, arches and steps, The Cala di Volpe was designed in the style of a traditional fishing village, and remains the Mediterranean’s most glamorous hideaway.

Should you choose to have lunch at the hotel, beautiful pastel accents, original artwork and hand crafted Sardinian furnishings will surround you.

In the afternoon you can choose to explore the town and shops of Porto Cervo, or relax onboard.

For dinner, you can either choose to have dinner onboard, or dine in the charming village.

We will dock overnight in Porto Cervo.

Day 10

In the morning, we will depart from the dock to enjoy water activities and a change of scenery.

We will return to Porto Cervo later to enjoy the town and surrounding areas.

If you are a fan of golf, you can give the Pevero Golf Club a try, where you can enjoy a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. In between games, you can also enjoy a drink a the clubhouse or even dine there, as the Club is also known for its excellent food.

The Club offers a breathtaking, incomparable panorama of the Emerald Coast.

A stroll around the town at night is always enjoyable as the setting and atmosphere is always different.

We will dock overnight in Porto Cervo.


Enjoy the morning in Porto Cervo before departing the vessel.

The Captain will arrange transfers from the marina to Olbia airport. (Travel time 40 minutes).

Subject to availability of marina berths and weather conditions.
Also please note there are restrictions in some areas we will be cruising for Jet ski use.

Please note the Captain is well versed with all cruising areas in this itinerary. He is able to make any adjustment for any other requirements and suggestions in all areas and ports. For example restaurant, night clubs, hiking, bicycle rides, land tours and highlights in the surrounding areas.

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