Example 8 day itinerary: Amalfi – Aeolian Islands – Sicily

This is a generic itinerary to be customized with your Captain based on the yacht and crew’s capabilities, and taking weather into consideration. Please consult with your captain should you have any particular areas of interest.

Day 1: Procida – Ischia

Lady Joy will be docked in Marina di Cassano awaiting your arrival. After the Captain and crew’s welcome, Lady Joy will cruise to Procida (25nm, 2.5 hrs).

Procida is a charming island with unique architecture and cobble-stoned streets giving the impression of coming straight out of medieval times. Crystal clear waters surround the island.

Explore this wonderful coastline before anchoring off Castello di Argonese, a medieval castle perched on a volcanic rocky islet on the neighboring island of Ischia. After an afternoon of watersports and exploring, Lady Joy weighs anchor for a sunset cruise to the island of Capri (20nm, 2 hrs).

Day 2: Capri

After a morning swim and breakfast, take a short tender ride to the famed Blue Grotto, a sea cave that is flooded with a brilliant blue, emerald light.

Take the funicular which climbs uphill through lemon groves and drops you directly in the Piazzetta of Anacapri, offering splendid views of the bay.

During lunch service, Lady Joy will take a short scenic cruise to the south end of Capri to Marina Piccola where, according to ancient Greek mythology, the Sirens seduced Ulysses. It’s not difficult to see why. The enticing bay has a rock wall on the left which protects it from strong winds. This in turn provides a sunny and calm spot to drop anchor. With clear waters, it’s the perfect location to try out the many water toys on board or dive off the side of the vessel. This anchorage is opposite Faraglioni beach and close to Capri’s giant sea stacks.

Take the tender to Fontelina Beach Club for the afternoon and mingle with some of the local islanders.

During dinner service, Lady Joy will depart for a sunset cruise to Positano (15nm, 1.5 hrs).

Day 3: Positano

Spend the day having fun with watersports and exploring Positano, known as “The Gem of the Divine Coast.”

Take a tender ride ashore to visit the renowned Sireneuse Hotel, then walk down to Franco’s for a sunset cocktail and an unforgettable view of the bay.

Once all guests have gone to bed, Lady Joy will make an overnight passage to the Aeolian Islands, situated off the north-eastern coast of Sicily.

Day 4: Panarea – Panarelli

Wake up to the picturesque isles of Panerelli: Basiluzzo, Lisca Bianca and Batillo. This is a perfect place for a fun-filled day of watersports and relaxing.

Once you’ve had your fill of watersports, take a sunset cruise along the coast of Panarea before anchoring off Cala Junco on the south end of the island.

Panarea is the second smallest (after Basiluzzo) of the archipelago. There are currently 280 residents living on the island year-round. In recent years, the island has become known internationally for its celebrity visitors.

After dinner service, take the tender into town and visit Raya, an organic restaurant boasting, “one of the most beautiful terraces in the world.” With a view of Stromboli steaming in the background, it’s a hard one to argue!

Day 5: Stromboli

Spend the day at anchor off Cala Junco practicing watersports and relaxing. Take a tender ride ashore to visit the charming little town of Panarea.

An hour before sunset, Lady Joy will start making its way to Stromboli, passing the scenic islands of Panarelli and Basiluzzo in the background.

Stromboli is the only active volcano in the island group. Formed over 40,000 years ago, it has been erupting for as long as records exist. The Romans called it the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean.”

At sunset, Lady Joy will be at a perfect vantage point with glimpses of Stromboli erupting in the background.

After dinner, Lady Joy will head towards Lipari where we will anchor for the night (3 hrs).

Day 6: Lipari

Wake up to the picturesque anchorage off the east coast of Lipari at the center of the Aeolian Archipelago. The anchorage of Spiagge Bianche is the perfect place for watersports with its protected bay and clear waters.

In the late afternoon, take a cruise around this beautiful coastline before anchoring on the east side of Vulcano.

Day 7: Vulcano – Filicudi

Waking up on anchor on the east side of the island of Vulcano, guests have the option of either checking out the mud pools (these thermal pools are known to have therapeutic benefits for the skin), or hike up to the top of the dormant crater where you can take in the panoramic views of the Aeolian archipelago.

Once you’ve had your fill ashore on Vulcano, Lady Joy will depart for a 3 hour cruise to Filicudi.

The most geographically ancient islands of Filicudi (population 80) and Alicudi (about 200) continue to preserve their original wildness. They are the roughcut diamonds of the archipelago, and make wonderful anchoring spots to enjoy a quiet lunch, private swim or simply sit and enjoy the true beauty of the Aeolian Islands at their most pure.

At night, once all guests have gone to bed, Lady Joy will depart for an 8 hour cruise to Palermo.

Day 8: Palermo

Spend your morning enjoying watersports at anchor in Mondello Bay outside of Palermo, the capital city of Sicily, before Lady Joy enters Marina Villa Igliea.

The city of Palermo, including the province of Palermo, has around 1,300,000 inhabitants and has about 200 km of coastline. The old town of Palermo is one of the largest in Europe, full of references to the past. Palermo reflects the diverse history of the region, containing many masterpieces from different periods, including Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture as well as examples of Modern Art.

Subject to availability of marina berths and weather conditions.
Also please note there are restrictions in some areas we will be cruising for Jet ski use.

Please note the Captain is well versed with all cruising areas in this itinerary. He is able to make any adjustment for any other requirements and suggestions in all areas and ports. For example restaurant, night clubs, hiking, bicycle rides, land tours and highlights in the surrounding areas.

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