Example 7 day charter itinerary from Santa Margherita, Italy to Nice, France

Day 1 – Rapallo and Santa Margherita

Arrive Rapallo, a gracious old seaside playground and port. Most of the town follows the sweep of a pretty harbor guarded by a medieval castle, and the sea front promenade is cheerfully busy day and night.

Day 2 – Cinque Terre and Portevenere

Depart Rapallo and head towards the Cinque Terre. The yacht’s tender is taken out of tow and all those interested in hiking the Cinque Terre are transported to the village of Monterosso – Two crew will accompany guests for the full-day hike though all five villages. The tender will reposition for guests pick up at Riomaggiore and will meet Lady Joy back at Portovenere.


This is the largest and most accommodating town in the Cinque Terre. Perhaps lacking in charm, compared to other villages, its beautiful sandy beach with lots of colorful umbrellas and beach-side restaurants and cafes is a worthy visit.


This village is lively and boisterous and has a great night scene, two clock towers, a beach, boats, and a large public space with umbrellas and tables.


Corniglia feels smaller and quieter than the other villages, but just as quaint as the other towns. Perched atop a hill, it is only reachable from the train station by either climbing the 365 steps (“one for each day of the year”) or by bus that is operated by the Cinque Terre National park. Arrangements can be made to have the bus bring people up to Corniglia and back down again.


There are many lovely places to eat and drink in Manarola. The coastline has many caves, and swimming holes. There are stairs going all the way down to sea level, and a small little terrace about half-way down with picnic tables where you can see locals enjoying a simple lunch.


During the day you can hear bell towers chiming and at night the frogs are in frenetic chatter as small boats go night fishing for anchovies and other fish using lights to attract them. Riomaggiore also has an ancient stone castle, which dates back to the mid-500s. It’s quadrangular walls with two circular towers were built to protect the citizens in case of an attack from the sea. In 800, the castle became a cemetery, and parts were destroyed to adapt it to its new function. Nowadays it is one of the monuments of the Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre. Most of the action in Riomaggiore is on the main street, Via Colombo, where there is an assortment of cafes, bars, restaurants, and of course, gelaterie. There are also shops selling the typical yummy Italian fare: fresh fruit, an assortment of salami, cheeses, olives, etc.

Named after Venus herself, Portovenere is one of the most romantic villages on the Ligurian Coast with its cluster of narrow streets lined with pastel-colored houses. In the upper part of the village is the 12th century church of San Lorenzo. A sculpture over the doorway depicts the martyrdom of the saint who was roasted alive on a grill. On the stone promontory that curls into the sea is the small black and white 13th century castle on top of the cliffs on the northwestern side of the village.

A highlight on this stop over is the restaurant Locanda Lorena located on the adjacent island. The restaurant owner has a few Venetian taxis that can pick up guests while at anchor in its protected harbor.

Day 3 – Portofino

Often called the Pearl of the Riviera, Portofino has long been fashionable with what was once called the “Jet Set”. Portofino today is a chic berth for yachts and offers exclusive boutiques, wonderful outdoor restaurants, and beachside cliffs that are speckled with pastel colored villas.

The statue Christ of the Abyss, was submerged and then cemented to the sea floor of the Mediterranean over 50 years ago. This is one of the most famous dive destinations in Italy. The statue is found in the waters between the Ligurian towns of Camogli and Portofino, and it commemorates the diver (and the first Italian to use SCUBA gear) Dario Gonzetti, who died during a dive near the spot in 1950. Since the 2.5m tall statue praises the heavens in just 15m of water, diving down for a look is considered an easy one.

Two local favorite restaurants are La Terrazza and Chuflay, both of which are part of the Splendido Hotel.

La Terrazza is an authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of Portofino and one of the most spectacular dining venues in all of Italy. Seafood, pasta and regional specialties are cooked to perfection by Chef Corrado Corti and his team. Take a seat on the terrace, overlooking the bay, or in the more formal dining room.

Chuflay Restaurant conjures up the glamour of decades past. Dine inside, or take a seat on the terrace bordering the bustling Piazzetta. The sophisticated charm of the restaurant has attracted famous guests such as James Cameron, Ronald Howard and Rod Stewart.

We will be stern too in the port overnight, or arrangements can be made to be stern too off the nearby rocks with chains, and mooring lines.

Day 4 – Portofino

Spend another wonderful day in beautiful Portofino.

We will pull out of the port and anchor for sunset. After dinner we will make a night passage back to France.

Day 5 – Monaco

Welcome to Monaco! Today we bring you to the wonderful port of Monaco with its fine dining, restaurants, Casino, Night life, a Sea Aquarium and history tours of the palace. Hotel de Paris’s Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse is considered by many to be Monaco’s best restaurant. Their American Bar is also a popular place to have a drink in the evening.

Day 6 – Villfranche and St Tropez

Arrive at Villfranche and anchor. A quaint and beautiful port between Nice and Monaco, Villefranche-Sur-Mer is a perfect port for lunch while cruising the Côte d’Azur. The medieval port has the requisite red roofs, vaulted passages over cobblestone streets and a distinctive church steeple.

Later in the afternoon we will depart and anchor off Cannes where the crew can shuttle the guests into town for world class shopping and a variety of great restaurants to choose from.

Day 7 – St Tropez

Early in the morning we will heave anchor and head towards beautiful Pampelonne Beach. This beach is known worldwide as France’s best, frequented by the famous and well to do crowd.

Have lunch at Club 55, or Le Palmiers

Later in the afternoon we will depart and head towards the port of St Tropez.

Dinner Suggestions:


Early in the morning, the yacht will depart St Tropez for the port of Nice. As you enjoy your last morning aboard, the crew will prepare for your departure.

Subject to availability of marina berths and weather conditions.
Also please note there are restrictions in some areas we will be cruising for Jet ski use.

Please note the Captain is well versed with all cruising areas in this itinerary. He is able to make any adjustment for any other requirements and suggestions in all areas and ports. For example restaurant, night clubs, hiking, bicycle rides, land tours and highlights in the surrounding areas.

Lady Joy

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